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Qingdao C&G International Co., Ltd is a company with a history starting from 1992. Since it was established, C&G has been dedicated

to design and supply of home ware and gift ware products mainly made of glass and ceramics.

Benefited from the rich experience and resources accumulated in the past 20 years, applying right strategy and clear vision, devoted

professional team, C&G has been growing rapidly since its business reorganization in 2004. The innovative product design, excellent

product safety and quality assurance, and competitive product costing bring C&G good fame as one of the high-rank suppliers

recognized by world-wide retailers, of kitchen ware, table top, decorative items and gift pack products.

Sales of C&G’s main products, including kitchen items such as stoneware, porcelain, glass dinnerware, glass jars, baking items, home

furnishings, gardening decoration, glass vase and candleholders, had already covered more than 60 countries & regions and now it

has been growing into the trustworthy cooperator for many world-famous retailers, such as PEP Store, Shoprite in South Africa,

Walmart, Costco, Sam’s Club, Target, Macy’s, Kohl’s in USA, Kmart, Target, Coles,BigW in Australia, etc.

The fastest growing part of business of C&G is the gift pack of food-homeware products. The creative product concept of combining

food and homewares, the continually innovated Western market appealing product design, and the efficient business model of

globally integrating product resource, marketing resource and labor resource, enable us to expand our customer base rapidly among

the top retailers in most of the Western world such as USA, Europe and Australia.

Focusing on better product quality and safety assurance, in 2006, C&G invested in a new factory specialized in providing gift pack

solutions for customers, registered as C&G International Gift Manufacture Co., Ltd., completed the construction in a block of fully

owned land covering over 33000 square meters in Qingdao.
C&G International Gift Manufacture Co., Ltd. has a professional management team composed of personnel with years of experience

in Product Design, International Trade, Food Industry and Technology, Industrial Engineering and Global Logistics.

The professionally designed &constructed facilities and the professional management system have been well certified as meeting

the requirements of BRC ,HACCP, BSCI and many client audit such as Walmart, Costco, Sam’s Club, Target in USA, Kmart, & Target

in Australia.

Holding passion to excel, aiming to be a world-class supplier of homewares and gift-pack products, C&G team believes in joint

development with our business partners of both customers and suppliers, to achieve further success in the future.






Qingdao C&G International Co., Ltd. started in 1992. Since it's establishment,

our companyhas been dedicated to sourcing, design and supply of housewares and gift products,

mainly made of glass and ceramics.


Huanbao Er Road, Environmental Protection Industrial Zone,
San Li Zhuang Section, Yan-Qing Highway,

Jimo, Qingdao, China


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