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Unity is strength, common epidemic prevention

Unity is strength, common epidemic prevention

Unity is strength, common epidemic prevention

(Summary description)In order to better cope with the challenges brought by the epidemic and make preparations for the delayed resumption of work,

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        The Chinese New Year holiday in 2020 has become special due to the covid-19 outbreak. In order to better cope with the challenges brought by the epidemic and make preparations for the delayed resumption of work, from January 26, colleagues in the administration department began to confirm the location and physical condition of each employee one by one, and suggested wearing a mask and doing their best to protect themselves at home. On January 27, I began to understand the living conditions at home and collected statistics on travel and physical health.


        On January 30, the company set up an emergency epidemic prevention and control team to clearly divide the work, implement the prevention and control requirements at all levels, and ensure the safety of the plant and personnel.



       In order to make employees feel comfortable to return to work, based on many discussions and revisions to the epidemic prevention and control regulations, detailed prevention and control arrangements were made for each region, and a trial operation was conducted for a week. After the acceptance and confirmation by relevant departments, work officially resumed on February 17.


Epidemic prevention measures in and out of the factory



       Bus morning and evening disinfection, temperature registration, keep a distance, off peak work, truck, express delivery, vehicle disinfection, temperature registration into the factory.


Office epidemic prevention measures



       Mask management: masks are issued regularly, and special containers for discarded masks are recycled.


      Disinfection for epidemic prevention: the key equipment and areas of the office are sterilized every 2 hours, and the fresh air system is opened and Windows are opened for 24 hours to keep the air circulating.


      Network office: cancel fingerprint punch, only keep wireless attendance management; Business approval procedures have been changed to online processes; Use video conferencing whenever possible; Disinfect paper documents regularly.


Dormitory epidemic prevention measures



       All accommodation staff are not allowed to leave the factory without special conditions to ensure a minimum number of accommodation for each dormitory. Spray or wipe to disinfect critical areas twice a day.


Canteen epidemic prevention measures



       During the epidemic, all disposable tableware should be used, and it is recommended to bring your own meals. The dining hall USES the network to order the meal, according to the dining time that decides beforehand to take; Different batches at different locations; Wrong peak dining, a table one meter apart, do not talk. Order of vegetables, meat ultraviolet sterilization, pasta, porridge and other canteens do not buy. Canteen production room and restaurant classification in order to kill. The laboratory conducts random sampling tests on the restaurant's food and environment every week.


Plant epidemic prevention measures



       Garbage classification storage and treatment, regular disinfection and sorting; Timely kill the vehicles and smoking rooms in the factory; The epidemic prevention tips should be posted at the entrance and bulletin boards.


Production warehouse epidemic prevention measures



       In the production area, masks and hand disinfection should be changed regularly, temperature should be measured twice a day, and production equipment, floor and staff cabinets should be sterilized and scrubbed regularly.


       The sudden outbreak of the epidemic caught us off guard, but also exercised the ability of various departments to quickly organize and cooperate with each other, showing the professionalism and dedication of Chen and people at critical moments. The virus has hindered communication in space, but it will not isolate our determination to overcome difficulties. Let us work together creatively to prevent the epidemic and build love and responsibility together.




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